Skin Rejuvenation

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a revolutionary light based therapy that allows clinicians to treat a variety of skin conditions providing maximal effect on the problem area with minimal damage to the healthy surrounding skin. Acne, melasma, age spots, small vessels/broken capillaries, sun spots, rosacea, red spider veins, brown spots and freckles (pigmentation) are a few of the common conditions that IPL therapy can help. Skin rejuvenation/Photofacials are helpful in facial wrinkle reduction, body and facial tightening.

The intense pulse light (IPL) coupled with radio frequency (RF) is very effective in skin tightening. Radio Frequency technology delivers energy to the deep layers of the skin and underlying tissue, it produces heat to accelerate the blood circulation that instantaneously shrinks the fiber structure, and stimulates the renewal of collagen.

In response, the collagen contracts and remodels over time which makes the appearance of the skin tighter and smoother. It also helps to reduce cellulite which are trapped fat pockets making that dimpled effect within the skin. Radio frequency heats the cellulite up to over 72 degrees in a condensed area

How many treatments are required?

Every person is unique; the same applies to treating them with IPL. The average number of treatments to complete a photofacial series for a client is 5-8 treatments done every 1-2 weeks. The precise number of treatments varies based on the individual clients and their area of concern.

Benefits of IPL:

Safe and effective treatments. Virtually no downtime. Minimal risk of complication/side effects. Excellent clinical results.

What are the treatments like?

The light is gently pulsed over the area to be treated. The sensation is similar to a mild rubber band snap. A two pass treatment (going over your face twice) will take 20 minutes. After a treatment, the treated area will have a slight rosey glow but should have no other obvious signs of treatment. Downtime is virtually nonexistent. Clients can resume all activities immediately after treatment.

What risks are involved?

Due to new technology, complications and side effects with IPL are low. Blistering, bruising and redness can happen at the time of treatment but these usually resolve within a few days. More serious complications like scarring, hyper/hypo pigmentation are rare.

Who is a candidate for IPL photofacials?

Virtually every person is a possible candidate for IPL therapy. People who are photo sensitive or who are on photo-sensitizing medication should not go under IPL treatments. People who have recently been on Accutane should not undergo treatment. Women who are pregnant should not have IPL therapy until the pregnancy is completed. Ask your IPL therapy clinician if IPL photofacial is right for you.